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Professional and secure employment terms

We implement a comprehensive set of HR policies and regulations no matter what the nature of employment is—permanent or contractual. With us, your employment will remain secure

Fair pay and timely clearance

Fair pay and timely clearance of dues

Safeguarding your interests is our top priority. That’s why we work on your behalf to ensure equitable compensation based on talent, knowledge and expertise along with prompt settlement of dues

Stress-free time off

Stress-free time off

Time off from work should be stress-free and you must be able to disconnect without worrying about pay cuts. Our leave policies and benefits are designed to help you benefit even during your time off

Continued association

Continued association and interaction

We are committed to building a healthy and long-term relationship with all our candidates. From finding the right role to placing you at an organization and ensure you are engaged with fun activities, even remotely, we are in your corner throughout the journey

Compliant with employment laws

Compliant with employment laws

As a business you are assured a trusted partner when you work with us. We are compliant with all the relevant employment laws and regulations, so you don’t have to worry about any legal issues

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We’ve been helping match candidates with clients in the IT industry since 2007. We specialize in IT consulting and recruitment and have successfully placed several talented candidates in contractual, temporary and permanent positions across leading businesses in India

We operate as your empathetic business partner by taking the time to understand your requirements and challenges before helping you find the right candidates to address the gaps. Our ability to drive trust-rich recruitment allows us to boast a network of industry leaders. We are also compliant with all the relevant employment laws and regulations, so you don’t have to worry about any legal issues

We specialize in IT consulting and recruitment and have partnered several leading businesses in the IT industry

We can help you fulfill urgent requirements through a streamlined approach and efficient use of technology. We leverage our extensive network and database to identify and connect with qualified candidates. Our SLA-driven delivery process ensures prompt and reliable service. We establish specific timelines and performance benchmarks in our SLAs, which outline the agreed-upon expectations and deliverables that enable us to meet our targets and deliver exemplary service.

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We are an ISO-certified organization that adheres to international standards and best practices. We are also a proud member of the Indian Staffing Federation.

We are an empathetic partner to both employers and job seekers. Here are some advantages of working with us: Professional and secure employment terms, fair pay and timely clearance of dues, stress-free time off, continued association and interaction and compliant with employment laws

We’re committed to safeguarding candidates’ interests. Irrespective of the nature of employment, we implement a comprehensive set of HR policies and regulations to provide secure employment terms

With us, you do not have to worry about legal issues as we ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations

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It has come to our attention that some unknown and unauthorised persons have claimed to be a part of Evorise Limited, and they are falsely using our company’s erstwhile name, Avantha Technologies Limited and our current brand name, Helionext, to lure individuals into fraudulent job offers in exchange for money.

We at Evorise Limited follow a merit based employee recruitment process with extensive screening steps. Evorise Limited does not charge/accept any amount from job seekers during the recruitment process. Therefore, we would like to inform the public at large to be aware of this fraud and not deal with any individual impersonating as Mr. Swapnil Yadav. It is hereby clarified that Mr. Swapnil Yadav is the former CHRO of Evorise Limited and is not currently employed with us in any position.

Red flags of the scam, as discernible from the hoax offer letter:

  • Avantha Technologies Limited does not exist anymore, and we have rebranded ourselves as Evorise Limited.
  • Spoofed domain name of the company.
  • Discrepancies in the letterhead of the company.
  • Demand for money in exchange for a job offer.
  • Incorrect website address

If you encounter any such suspicious activity in relation to Avantha Technologies Limited, please report it immediately to Evorise Limited at In case you or any candidate receives any unsolicited or fraudulent communication regarding a job offer or an interview call against payment of money, please stay alert and recognize it as a scam. Stay vigilant and protect yourself and others from potential scams.

If you believe you have been a victim of a recruitment fraud, you are requested to approach the law enforcement agencies immediately.

Team Evorise Limited.